Tip: The Toughest Way to do EZ-Bar Curls

Two sets of this mechanical advantage drop set will leave your biceps screaming (and growing).


EZ Does Its

This is a mechanical advantage drop set to use after your heavier biceps work. We start with the theoretical weakest exercise and then manipulate leverage and strength curve to pour on more volume and extend the set.

The Protocol

  1. Bent Over EZ-Bar Spider(ish) Curl: 8-12 reps (to failure)
  2. Strict EZ-Bar Curl with Shoulder Flexion: Max reps (same weight)
  3. Strict EZ-Bar Curl: Max reps (same weight)
  4. Cheat EZ-Bar Curl: Max reps (same weight)

Do the first variation using weight you can lift for 8-12 reps. From there out, go for maximum reps, always using the same weight. Rest 90-120 seconds and repeat.

You'll likely need to reduce the weight a bit to do a second round. This is metabolic stress work – you won't need a lot of load and you should only do 2 sets, tops. For the cheat curl, use a little hip hinge and pop up forcefully. Pause the contraction and use a very controlled negative.

Here's an alternative version:

This one uses an EZ-bar cable attachment and a low pulley.