Tip: The Tall Guy Quad Builder

Got longs legs and tiny quads? Here's how to fix that.


This should be a staple for tall and long-legged lifters:

Heels-Elevated Dumbbell Squat

As you can see, I've got my feet on a wedge that exceeds the wedge of a typical Olympic lifting shoe. This allows the knees to travel far forward over the toes, which blasts the quadriceps while keeping the torso vertical. These are a smart choice for lifters who struggle with front squats due to poor rack positioning or kyphosis.

The arms get to stay comfortably by the sides. More importantly, many tall lifters struggle to achieve enough dorsiflexion to make squat patterns a true quad builder (due to insufficient knee flexion and overall range). Using an aggressive heel wedge like this creates a surplus of dorsiflexion, making it easier to achieve the correct geometry. This can be a game changer for your quad growth.

And make no mistake – this isn't the same as using a couple of thick plates under the heels. This wedge creates more stretching of the plantar fascia and ligaments compared to a wedge, and will end up frustrating you at heavier loads.

As an extra, I went for a duck-footed stance. Keeping the heels close to one another really makes things more quad-intensive. Try doing them after leg presses when you're nice and tired. Aim for high reps.