Tip: The Star Pattern Pull-Apart

Add these to your warm-up: 2-3 sets, 4-6 reps in each direction before any upper body training. Your shoulders will feel great.

This variation of the classic band pull-apart combines the pull-apart with pulls that initiate the shoulders into overhead side positions. The position of the upper arm should mirror your overhead squat grip and angle, while your lower arm will pull down at approximately 30 degrees off your side.

Between each different line of pull, you'll return your hands to the original front-of-chest position while maintaining tension through the band. As you pull it apart in any direction, focus on peaking the end range of motion of the contraction and focusing on the rotation of the hands and shoulders.

To make it even more effective, try driving the hands away from one another as far as you can while moving the shoulders into slight external rotation at the back side of the rep. This should happen naturally, but if you're using the star pattern to initiate rotation, this is another variable to consider.