Tip: The Single-Leg Exercise You Need

Here's a leg-destroying unilateral move you've gotta try for strength and size gains.

Single-leg work is still neglected in most programs. This is primarily due to at least one of the following:

  • Can't load the same amount of weight on the bar, which hurts the ego.
  • Discomfort in ankle/toes when lunging.
  • Lack of mobility to hit effective depth.
  • Putting it off until the end of the workout as an accessory movement... and then skipping it.

Stop the excuses and adopt the safety-bar Bulgarian split squat (with hand support) to open the door for some quality strength and hypertrophy gains.

Here's Why It's Awesome

The rear-foot elevated position takes the discomfort out of your feet and ankles by not forcing your toes to flex and push off of floor (as in a reverse lunge).

Hand support allows for additional bracing and support, with improved positioning and depth (mobility), increasing the single-leg training effect.

This all means more weight on the bar, which now turns this single-leg exercise into a great alternative for lower-body max effort days. It can be used as a main accessory for squatting or deadlifting, and it has great carryover to sports performance.

As a bonus, the safety bar make this movement easy on the shoulders and shortens the learning curve.