Tip: The Shoulder Shocker

This delt builder involves a seated plate raise, lateral raise, and modified clean and press. Do 8-12 reps per exercise without rest between movements.

The Shoulder Shocker hits the front, medial, and rear delts/external rotators all in one nonstop exercise. It's a great bang-for-your-buck exercise. My guys don't have time to spend twenty minutes on shoulder work. But if they do two or three rounds of the Shoulder Shocker, they're hitting everything they need to hit in 3-5 minutes.

The Shoulder Shocker is also very safe because you don't need to go heavy at all given the order of the exercises. Great for the muscles, very little stress on the joint. Here's how to do it:

  1. Seated plate raise using a 25 or 45-pound plate.
  2. Seated lateral raise with light dumbbells using 20 to 25 pounds.
  3. Seated clean and press, strict form, using the same dumbbells. That's a shrug, an external rotation, and half-press.
  • When: Perform after regular chest and back work
  • Rest: None between exercises
  • Reps: 8-12 per movement
  • Sets: 2-3 total
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