Tip: The Reverse Hyper

If you have access to this machine, you've got no excuse. Don't let your opportunity for posterior chain gains go to waste.

The reverse hyper machine will strengthen the posterior chain and decompresses the spine. You can use it with a strap or roller. If using a strap, just put the strap around your ankles. Position yourself so that your lower half is hanging off the pad and grab the handles.

At the top, contract hard; at the bottom of the movement relax. Control the pendulum. Don't let it swing too aggressively.

Do these twice a week. Here's an example of how to program it:

  • Monday: 4 x 25 using 50% of back squat 1RM
  • Friday: Strict no-swing, 3 x 20, 50% of back squat 1RM
  • Rest as needed between sets for both days.