Tip: The Pull-Up That Builds Your Whole Back

This exercise might be too tough for you, but even just a few reps will fire up your upper back and lats. Take a look.

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If you run a search for sternum chin-ups, you'll get a bunch of videos showing guys doing standard chin-ups where they simply pull their chests to the bar. That's a great exercise, but that's not a sternum chin-up. A properly executed chin-up should always be pulled to the upper chest. A true Gironda sternum chin-up is a whole different animal.

Gironda Sternum Chin-up

  1. Right as you begin the pull, tip your head back and try to look behind you as if you were attempting to do a back flip.
  2. Continue looking back as you pull while keeping your chest elevated and your lower body still.
  3. Depending on the length of your arms, you should make contact with the bar anywhere between your lower chest and mid-abdomen.

If done correctly, the contraction you get in your upper back will be unparalleled and your lats will be on fire after just a few reps. This is an extremely advanced exercise, so make sure you've mastered other easier variations first before trying it.