Tip: The Power Exercise for Delts and Traps

Take a bodybuilding exercise, mix in an athletic movement and what do you get? A new way to add size to your shoulders and traps.

It's unlikely that you've seen anybody doing a lateral throw, and that's a shame. It's great for developing both size and power in the traps and deltoids.

The Lateral Throw

You'd do these almost like a standard lateral raise, except one arm at a time, and actually throw the dumbbell up to the same position you would a lateral raise. It's important to brace yourself throughout this movement.

  1. Using something sturdy, like a bench or Smith machine bar, you can minimize body English as you throw the dumbbell up.
  2. Control the throw. Don't toss it up so hard you yank your arm out of its socket or hurt your shoulder.
  3. Once the dumbbell stops and starts to fall back down, slow the dumbbell down as it drops.

This exercise builds both power and size. It requires a quick concentric contraction to throw the dumbbell up and a strong eccentric contraction (negative) to slow the dumbbell down. These two types of muscle contractions will improve muscular power and hypertrophy.

Tim Arndt has been in the personal-training industry for over 15 years. Tim is a trainer, educator, and the founder of the Inland Empire Fitness Conference. Follow Tim Arndt on Facebook