Tip: The Paused Deadlift

Adding pauses to your deadlift will strengthen weak points, improve technique, build muscle, and teach you to use your lats.

A paused deadlift is performed with stops at certain points in the lift. The pause can be put at any point in the movement, usually depending on where your sticking point is. Mid-shin and just below the knee are the most common places to pause in the range of motion. Pause for 2-3 seconds.

Hold the upper body tight throughout the whole movement. This exercise will not only build back strength, but also technique. Paused deadlifts force you to learn proper position at different stages in the lift.

This teaches you to use your lats and also serves as a way to increase time under tension, which improves overall muscle growth. It's best to start with about 55% of your 1 rep max.