Tip: The Overhead Press Test

Can you pass it? Here are the rules.

Strict Overhead Press: 0.75 x Bodyweight for 3 Reps

This is a tough strength standard to attain, and the one most mouth breathers in the comment threads will lie about achieving with ease. When people do train or post their "heavy" strict press, they usually use more body English than a Beyonce video.

Regardless of your weight, a triple three-fourths bodyweight strict press is something to be proud of and a true testament to your body complexes working together and in the right rhythm.

If the number sounds daunting, believe me, it's attainable. For my bodyweight, it means a triple at about 185 pounds.

Focus on minimal lumbar extension, a full range of motion to the collarbone, and a spine-under-the-bar lockout position.