Tip: The Oblique Exercise You Need

Want a midsection that's as hard as a tree trunk? Well, stop eating donuts. Also, do this rotation exercise.


Cable chop variations are some of the most effective exercises for building an athletic midsection, making your abs as athletic and strong as they look.

Chops help build an efficient power transfer between your lower and upper body, meaning they're great for athletes. Adding rotation to your training is a must if you want a good set of obliques.

Try this drop set:

  • A1. Cable Chop (left): 8-12
  • A2. Cable Tight Chop (left): AMRAP
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • A3. Cable Chop (right): 8-12
  • A4. Cable Tight Chop (right): AMRAP

AMRAP means "as many reps as possible." Just make sure they're GOOD reps. Only rest between A2 and A3. Go straight from one set to the next. Then rest as needed before you start the whole thing all over again. Do three rounds.

Start with your standard cable chop setup. Keeping your elbows straight throughout, swipe the cable horizontally. Engage your core and hips in a powerful transfer of movement (think of the whip of a baseball swing).

Once you've completed your set on one side, continue the set by "dropping" to a stronger chop position. A "tight" chop simply means your elbows are going to come in tight to your ribs. By bending your elbows and bringing the cable in you'll be able to lift more weight, or in this case get in a few more reps.

Complete a drop-set on one side before switching to the other.

Gareth Sapstead is a leading strength and physique coach from the UK. He specializes in problem solving and breakthrough training techniques.

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