Tip: The Number One Lateral Raise Mistake

Some people think this exercise doesn't do much for your delts. Those people are doing it wrong.


Stop Swinging the Dumbbells

Using momentum during the lateral raise is a surefire way to miss out on pain-free training and building size. You're just wasting time. Momentum takes over when you swing and you lose mechanical tension on your delts.

Instead, drop down on both knees instead of standing. This decreases your ability to swing the weights.

Use 3-second concentric tempo as you raise your arms up to shoulder level, then continue moving slowly for a 3-second eccentric as you lower the weights back down by your sides.

This controlled motion allows you to take advantage of time under tension. Pain-free range of motion is the key here for overall growth and development.

Think about it: Swinging the weights up means that each individual rep lasts one or two seconds at best. However, with this specific 3-second concentric and 3-second eccentric tempo, each individual rep will last at least six seconds.

That's the benefit here: more overall volume for your shoulders performed in an intelligent, pain-free format.

How to Do It

  • Assume the tall kneeling position.
  • Raise your arms up by your sides to shoulder level for a 3-second count.
  • Lower them back down for a 3-second count.