Tip: The Nastiest Back Pump of Your Life

Add this finisher exercise to your back day and trigger new growth in your lats, rear delts and more. Here's how to do it.

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At the end of your next back or upper-body day, add this exercise as a finisher. This dynamic accommodating resistance movement will light a fire on your lats.

Banded High Row

  1. Attach a band to a pull-up bar, then add fat grips to the band if you have them.
  2. Sit back and keep your core and glutes engaged.
  3. Do a constant tension row, trying to peak the contraction against the bands on every rep. To increase the activation in the forearms and biceps along with the lats, squeeze the grips as hard as possible to tap into the irradiation effect through the entire upper kinetic chain.
  4. The goal here is to get the most brutal skin-tearing pump of your life. Go with high reps to tap into the metabolic stress of the muscles involved. This exercise will become "mind over muscle," so even when you're hurting and wanting to quit, fight through and keep the reps coming.
  5. Start with 3 sets of around 30 reps. Keep the rest periods between 30 and 45 seconds. Remember, you're in a safe and effective position to test your limits, so break through those mental plateaus to grow!