Tip: The Most Effective Foot & Ankle Exercise

Weak ankles and feet can inhibit the benefits of many lower body exercises. Here's a quick way to strengthen and stabilize them.

Lack of innervation to the feet and ankles minimizes signalizing and recruitment throughout the kinetic chain, especially to the hips. If you have weak feet and ankles, it's going to be difficult to target the glutes for example.

Besides going barefoot or wearing minimalist shoes, there are numerous drills that can be performed. Any single-leg stand variation, such as the single-leg kettlebell swap, is excellent for improving strength and function.

  1. Stand on one leg holding a weight, about 20 to 25 percent of your bodyweight.
  2. Slowly move the weight from one hand to the other.

    As a bonus, this is a great movement for the core.