Tip: The Most Complete Biceps Exercise

This curl variation nails every fiber of the biceps in one movement. Check it out.

Overcome monotony, break through plateaus, and target muscle fibers in a whole new way with this exercise. This biceps curl variation involves all functions of the biceps, combining supination, elbow flexion, and shoulder flexion.

The Xander Curl

  1. Beginning with a prone hand position (palms facing behind you), flex the elbow and rotate the forearm until the hand is in supine position (palms facing toward you).
  2. As you near the end range of elbow flexion, flex the shoulders so that the elbows rise to shoulder height.
  3. Reverse the movement and follow the same path back down.

This hits all fibers of the biceps in each hand position, especially when performed with a slow eccentric tempo. It's a great way to stimulate new growth.

Alexander Nurse Bey is a Sports Performance coach and the co-owner of AXIS Performance + Training located in Scarborough, Ontario. He continues to share his systems for encouraging athlete vigor and high performance as a speaker and writer. You can contact Alex on his website at beyperformance.com.