Tip: The Most Brutal Lunge

Load those glutes with this nasty hip-dominant lunge.


The Landmine Shouldered Lunge

Landmine shouldered lunges require the load to be on your shoulders. If it were in your hands while you hinged, you'd lose it. These work best contra-laterally, which in this case, means the bar is on my right shoulder while my left leg is doing most of the work in front.

Once you whip the bar up into position (or set it on a box like you would during Lumberjack squats) set the bar on your shoulders and lean in as close as you can to the plates. For comfort and safety you're actually better off having both hands on the plates rather than the bar. This also allows a more forward-leaning torso and the end of the bar to hinge over your shoulder somewhat.

As you step back into your reverse lunge, push your hips back and hinge your torso slightly. Despite the more forward shin angle, because the majority of the load is in the bottom position these are more useful as a hip-dominant lunge where your glutes are loaded in their lengthened position.

Tip: Use a squat bar pad or a towel for the end of your barbell since there will be a significant load on your shoulders, which can be uncomfortable.

Gareth Sapstead is a leading strength and physique coach from the UK. He specializes in problem solving and breakthrough training techniques.

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