Tip: The Monkey Jump Complex

Looks a bit silly, but it'll fire up your heart rate like nothing else. The monkey jump is the third exercise in this grueling complex.

This complex features a move that I named monkey jumps a long time ago, before I had ever seen a real monkey in nature or a zoo, and it turns out monkeys don't actually do this. The name stays, though.

Monkey jumps are just the C exercises of this complex, and combine an alternating split jump with a high pull on each jump. They may look funny, but the truth is they actually have some carryover to the Olympic lifts as it mimics the timing of pulling yourself down to the bar.

Do 5 reps of each exercise in the complex, no rest between movements:

  • A.  Snatch
  • B.  Split Jerk
  • C.  Monkey Jumps
  • D.  Renegade Rows