Tip: The Mobility Drill You Need to be Doing

Do this on the your next off day to move better and feel better. Take a look.

Catch-All Mobility Movements

The last thing you want to do on an off day is mentally check out and unconsciously go through your corrective exercises and mobility drills from the last week's programming. To make sure this doesn't happen, I've learned to program larger "catch-all" movements.

These are exercises that target multiple areas of the body in one sequence, placing an emphasis on full-body motor control recruitment as opposed to a more specific or targeted drill such as glute or lat activation.

The art and functionality of the flow-based movement session fits perfectly into my idea of prioritizing what's important for active recovery days. Not only are we hard-wiring functional movement capacity, we're elevating the heart rate and stimulating the active muscle pump of the body to aid in recovery.

3-4 Movements, 8-10 Reps Per Side

Choose 3-4 catch-all movements and cycle through them a few times, using 8-10 reps per side to target your weakest functional areas.

Keep these fresh. Catch-all movements were meant to stimulate neural learning in new positions and stabilization patterns. Novelty is king when re-educating your movement patterns, so keep that in mind when you want to mentally check out of your next training session.