Tip: The Landmine Complex

Ramp up your conditioning with this tough complex. Do 10 reps of: squat-to-presses, single-arm presses, single-leg RDLs, single-arm rows, and reverse lunges.

Complexes are a series of exercises uses the same weight performed in succession with a single implement, such as one barbell. They're a great fat loss and conditioning tool, especially for lifters who cringe at the thought of traditional gerbil cardio. Complexes are far less boring because the cardio is "masked" as lifting. They're also a good option for a quick workout when you're crunched for time.

In the video, Kevin Anderson uses the landmine to crank out this complex, all without letting the bar touch the floor:

  • 10 squat-to-presses
  • 10 single-arm presses per arm
  • 10 single-leg RDLs per leg
  • 10 single-arm rows per arm
  • 10 reverse lunges per leg

Holding the thick part of the barbell really challenges your grip strength, but because the complex is composed primarily of unilateral exercises, one arm rests while the other works, allowing you to extend the set.