Drop sets are a muscle building tactic where you do a heavy set, decrease the weight, and continue training until you reach failure.

The Halving Method

These are also called 50% drop sets. After your final heavy set of an exercise, strip off 50% of the weight. Give yourself only 15 seconds of rest and lift the weight as many times as you can before failure. Repeat this process one more time after the initial 50% drop.

Naturally, by halving the weight twice, your last drop set will be a weight you probably haven't put on the bar since you first stumbled into the gym. But it actually won't be as easy as it sounds since you'll be going to failure. It's high-tension weight training along with joint-friendly, skin-splitting pump.

Example: Complete your final rep using 325 pounds on the bench press, then...

  • Drop Set 1: 165 pounds (rounded up from 162.5) x failure
  • Drop Set 2: 85 pounds (rounded up from 82.5) x failure

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