Tip: The Frog Pump

This glute bridge variation activates the glutes like nothing else. Great for warming up for hip thrusts or used as a finisher.

The most effective movement I picked up from Dr. Bret Contreras that pre-rotates the hip with perfection is the frog pump. Here's what he says about it:

"Out of all glute bridge stances (wide, narrow, narrow abducted, and frog), frog pumps lead to the highest level of glute activity. This is due to the inherent abducted position, which has been shown to increase glute activity independently during hip extension. But not everyone will feel the frog pump highly activating their glutes. Around one-third of individuals will prefer normal or wide-stance bridges. This is probably due to individual differences in hip anatomy and gluteal architecture."

Even though this movement involves loading a dumbbell directly over your pubic area, the results speak for themselves. Test it out.