Tip: The Deadlift Jump For Power Development

Can't do a power clean in your lame gym? Try this.

If you were a high school athlete, you likely did power cleans as part of the program. This lift has been shown to produce massive power output and is a big part of a kick-ass weight training program.

But power cleans are tough to do in a regular gym with limited space and equipment. Try kettlebell (or dumbbell) deadlift jumps instead. This movement replicates the hip-dominant pattern of the power clean, making it a great posterior chain exercise.

With the kettlebell between your heels, start with a hip hinge and squat until your hands are on the kettlebell. While the 'bell is between your heels, maintain a vertical shin angle and a flat back posture, just as you would in the power clean.

Explode upward and extend the hips, leaping into the air, and on the way down make sure to move the 'bell back between your heels so that each rep works the backside.

This exercise requires less skill, so it's an excellent replacement for people who can't yet do the power clean.