Tip: The Core Strength Party Trick

Test your core strength. Build your core strength. Impress your friends at parties. Here's how.

Do you think you have a strong core? Then try this. It's called the crow pose, and mastering it will take your core strength to new heights.

Why It Works

This move teaches sustained, deep core activation by forcing you into a position that tests your balance and strength simultaneously. Crow not only challenges your balance, but also your physical and mental strength. This ignites your entire nervous system, which equals more muscle recruitment, which equals more overall strength.

Crow also teaches "functional core." That means you'll be working your core in the way it was meant to work, making it more functional in every day life. You won't have to think about engaging your core as much because you're teaching it to do what it already wants to do.

How to Do It

First, get comfortable with the fact that you might fall. Put a pillow or blanket under your face if you're worried about it.

  1. From standing, bring your hands to the ground right in front of your toes, or as close to your toes as you can.
  2. Bring your hands shoulder width distance. Make sure your palms are flat on the ground. Rotate your fingers away from each other slightly.
  3. Bend your elbows back like you're doing a tricep push-up. Bring both knees to the outsides of your triceps. Squeeze them in, onto your triceps. Stay tight.
  4. Try lifting one foot off the ground. Drop that foot. Repeat on the other side. If you can, lift both feet off the ground at the same time while squeezing your triceps hard. Lift your core up. Hold as long as you can.
  5. Oh yeah, try to breathe.
Tessa Gurley is the owner of Enliven Wellness, and a nerd about all things health and fitness. Tessa is currently working on her Master's in integrative medicine, and strives to empower her clients and readers so they can live their most vital lives. Follow Tessa Gurley on Facebook