Tip: The Combo Exercise That's Just Plain Silly

It's a popular exercise that kills two birds with one stone... except it really doesn't. It just screws up two good exercises.

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Lunge Combo Exercises Suck

This is basically just combining a lunge with an upper body movement. For example, lunging and curling when you're in the low position of the lunge, or lunging and overhead pressing.

Lunge Curl

I get it. You're trying to work everything at the same time. The problem is, you're making the lunges pretty much worthless. If you can curl a pair of dumbbells they're very likely too light to provide an overload for the lunge. Same thing with the overhead press.

Lunge Press

Even dumber are people curling or pressing at the same time as they're lunging down. When you're curling you have to lift the dumbbells up. Well, when you go down at the same time, it means you don't have to lift the dumbbells up as much, so the biceps work less. And now you have an exercise that doesn't overload either the legs or arms.

Do These Exercises Separately

You might think you're killing two birds with one stone, but in reality you're throwing one stone away. Sure, sure, it might burn a few extra calories. But you're certainly not building or strengthening anything, unless it's your first day in the gym.

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