Tip: The Child's Pose For Athletes

Improve upper back rotation and posture with this simple drill. Do 10 reps per side twice a day.

Our upper backs are meant to bend, twist, extend, and most of all help us stand up straight. Because most of us are seated in front of a computer (or TV) a good chunk of the day, it's very easy for this portion of our back to become rigid and hunched forwards. A stiff upper back means headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain. Let's get things moving with this exercise.

How to Do It

Start in a child's pose position with your bum on your heels and your forearms resting flat on the ground. Now, keeping your core tight, rotate from your shoulders towards one side and twist until you feel tightness. Slowly return back to your starting position. Complete 10 reps per side twice during the day.