Tip: The Chest-Core Combo Exercise You Need

All you need is an old magazine and some carpet. Try it!


These are typically done with core sliders, but an old magazine or the lid from a Tupperware container will work too.

Slider Reaching Push-Up

Sliding out to a flye on one side is a good way to hit your chest and make your regular push-ups harder. There's also an anti-rotational component with these, so they're a good core exercise.

Key Tips:

  • Set up for a regular push-up with one hand on your makeshift slider.
  • Drop into your push-up, sliding one hand out into a flye at the same time. Press back up while sliding back in.
  • The slide should be smooth. If it isn't, you've likely gone wider than you can handle, or need something that slides with less friction.
  • Remember, push-ups are moving planks. Keep your lumbar from overextending and your hips from rotating.
Gareth Sapstead is a leading strength and physique coach from the UK. He specializes in problem solving and breakthrough training techniques.

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