Tip: The Chest and Triceps Tri-Set

Build muscle and boost your work capacity with this exercise combo.

Tri-sets let you to train several muscle groups back-to-back while allowing each muscle group to recover while you're working another area. This is great for size and work capacity, plus it'll help maximize training time. Try this one:

Dumbbell Tri-Set

These exercises go well together because they're each performed back-to-back with a pair of dumbbells while lying on a flat bench.

  • A. Flye
  • B. Dumbbell Skull Crusher
  • C. Dumbbell Pullover

Finishing the last rep of the chest flye puts you in position to begin doing the skull crushers. Then, the final rep of the skull crushers flows right into doing the pullovers.

Since the idea is to perform all three of these exercises back-to-back, use a higher number of reps for the easier exercises (the ones you're strongest at) and use a lower number of reps for the most difficult exercises (the ones you're weakest at).

Perform the pullovers holding two dumbbells parallel to one another instead of using both hands to hold one dumbbell. Holding two dumbbells should be more comfortable and less awkward on the shoulders.