Tip: The Chain Press

This is a great chest training alternative when your shoulders don't tolerate being loaded in the bottom position in a traditional bench press.

When you remove the bar and switch to chains only, you take the constant resistance out of the equation. By doing this, you'll have way less resistance in the most vulnerable shoulder position.

Then, right after you've pressed past your weak area, the resistance will kick in HARD. If you use relatively heavy chains, you'll really feel this in your chest and triceps. Besides being a great alternative to the bench to build muscle, it's also a great accessory exercise to build the foundation for better bench pressing. Win-win.

Just attach chains to a pair of rings or grip handles of any sort. If your shoulders are really messed up, you can even attach EZ-straps to adjust the chains so that they don't kick in before you're above the stressful position.

Technique Notes

  • The setup for this will be similar to your regular dumbbell bench pressing.
  • Keep the shoulder blades in a packed position and avoid elevation of the shoulders.
  • You can either lock out the elbows for the benefit of the triceps, or you can stop short and keep more constant tension in the pecs. Go for a moderate to high rep range.
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