Tip: The Best Lower-Body Primer

Turn on your central nervous system before lifting to unlock your strength potential and prevent injuries. Here's how.

Whole Lower Body Primer

This primer combines the rotational medball throw with a depth jump combo as one final neural surge before jumping into lower body training for the day. These drills will activate the muscles you're about to use, prepare your body for explosiveness, and help you to safely lift heavier.

Rotational Medball Throw + Explosive Jump Combo

  • A1. Rotational medball throw, 2-3 reps per side
  • A2. Explosive vertical to horizontal jump combo, 1 continuous rep
  • Do 2-3 total supersets with 30-45 seconds rest between bouts.

How to Do It

The medball throw targets the rotational plane of motion, also known as the transverse plane. Training powerful and sequenced rotation with the hip, torso, and upper shoulders will bring up weak links that help with both performance and injury prevention.

Stand next to a solid wall and grab the ball with a double underhand grip. Starting with the ball at your back hip, powerfully rotate to transfer force through the hips, up into the torso and out through the hands. As you get more skilled, you'll be able to throw and catch smoothly and look like a boss. Drive 2-3 reps per side into the wall and move directly to the jump combo.

Combining the depth drop with the vertical and horizontal jump is challenging, but you'll improve by working on your skill in the vertical and horizontal jumps independently. So once you step out of the beginner zone and get the confidence for a multi-jump bout, you'll be ready for the combo.

Use a small box to accumulate kinetic energy in the legs and complete a vertical jump first. After landing, go directly into a max effort broad jump. Stick the landing on the horizontal jump for 1-2 seconds and solidify your position.

The key here is to minimize the amount of time you're spending in contact with the ground. Move powerfully through these two jump variations in sequence.

Once you master this combo, you'll want to add it to every one of your lower body workouts as your new primer.