Tip: The Best Deadlift Grip?

Stop arguing. There's a simple answer to this sometimes tricky question. Check it out.

When it comes to your deadlift grip, we have to be cognizant of balancing what will likely help prevent injury (namely a bicep tendon tear), but also allow for optimal performance and turn you into a deadlifting Terminator.

My approach:

  • Use a double overhand grip during your warm-up sets until it becomes a limiting factor or you're unable to maintain your grip during your work sets.
  • Switch to an alternate (under/over) grip to help keep the bar from rolling out of your hands.
  • Alternate your alternate grip (left and right facing you or facing away) with every subsequent set.

Side note: Yes, person who will inevitably bring up the hook grip. That's an option too. We get it: you're better than us.