Tip: The Beast of All Rows

Get on the ground and build your lats, shoulders, and core strength. This animal-style row is metabolically brutal and fun.

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One thing lacking in many people’s programs is groundwork: exercises done on all fours, or at least closer to the ground than standing or sitting on benches.

One of the best is the bear-stance sliding row:

  1. Move the kettlebell diagonally by bringing it up and back from the working arm to between the legs. Keep a neutral spine. Use the other arm to firmly press into the floor directly under your shoulder.
  2. As you progress, start extending your knees and try adding more of a rock to the exercise. This will add a metabolic component and a serious quad burn. Then work your way up to a adding weighted vest.

It’s one of those exercises that looks easy on paper but smokes your body. Do this in a circuit or as a standalone finisher for 8-12 reps per arm.

The Benefits

  1. Shoulder Strength: Holding your bodyweight up is much harder than it looks, especially if you’re carrying over 200 pounds.
  2. Stability: You’re supporting your whole body. There’s a lot of synergist muscles forced to help out.
  3. Core Strength: Some of the best anterior core work is done on the ground.
  4. Metabolic Demands: Training on all fours requires your heart and lungs to work even harder.
  5. Isometric Work: You’re isometrically working a lot of muscles when holding your body just above the ground. This can increase time under tension and provide more strength and help recruit more muscle fibers.