Tip: The 6-Minute TGU Workout

All you need is six minutes and a kettlebell for this tough metabolic conditioning workout. Check it out.

6 Minutes of Turkish Get-Ups

Any exercise that starts in a prone or supine position and finishes standing is a real ball-buster for conditioning. As a bonus, the TGU is excellent for improving mobility.

Turkish Get-Up

Grab a 30 to 40 pound kettlebell and perform TGU's for 6 straight minutes, alternating hands. You're not allowed to stop. Once you reach the floor to complete a rep, switch the bell to the other hand and continue.

Too Easy? Ramp It Up Like This

Instead of using this as a quick stand-alone workout, do it at the end of your regular training session as a finisher.

If this turns out to be a piece of cake, get a kettlebell that's 5 pounds heavier or add 2 minutes to your set.