Tip: The 5-Angle Flye

Nail every fiber of your chest with one exercise. Just change the angle once you fatigue in one position and extend the TUT.

Want to maximize chest recruitment? Do 5-angle flyes.

Various angles of adduction are necessary to maximally recruit the pecs from the clavicle to the sternum. This exercise will hit most of them to stimulate new growth.

As you fatigue in one position, adjust the angle to a new position: high, mid, low or someone between those angles. You can even go back to a previous angle. This also allows you to extend the time under tension, one of the key components of hypertrophy training.

Kurt Weber, MS, CSCS, PN-1, is a former Division-I strength and conditioning coach and Track and Field All-American. He now specializes in performance enhancement for the lifestyle athlete at a private gym in Newport Beach, CA. Kurt is also the creator of The Alpha Plan program, designed for high-stress, busy, and frequent travelers. Follow Kurt Weber on Facebook