Tip: The 20-Minute Squat Challenge

Improve your conditioning and get ripped... in the squat rack. Here's how.


Training every minute on the minute (EMOM) is a very demanding conditioning method. EMOM means starting the clock and performing your reps "on the minute" while the clock runs. Once you've finished your set, you get the remainder of that minute to rest.

Begin your next set at the top of the next minute. A typical EMOM set usually ends up giving you 35-45 seconds of rest before the next set begins.

Now let's apply that method to the squat.

Warning: You're about to say "too easy!" Talk to me after you reach the halfway mark or 10 sets into it.

The Challenge

  • Time Length: 20 minutes of EMOM
  • Weight on bar: 80% of your bodyweight (If you weigh 200 pounds, load to 160)
  • Reps: 3 reps per set
  • Method: Controlled eccentric, full range, strong concentric. Use a 20X0 tempo. That means squatting down over a count of about 2 seconds and then exploding upwards with no rest at the top or bottom.

If you're obeying the clock, using full range of motion, and following the tempo guidelines, you should be drenched by the second half of the workout.

If you normally belt up or wear knee sleeves for only your heaviest sets, go ahead and wear them for this workout in the name of safety. Even though the loading is light in a relative sense, your recovery time will be limited and your heart rate will probably never go down for the entire 20 minutes.