Tip: Test Yourself with the Renegade Row

This test will teach you a lot about your strength and athleticism. Here's how to do it.

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Having a proper balance of strength between the anterior and posterior sides of your body is critical for performance, posture, and joint health. The renegade row can help you test that.

How to Do the Renegade Row

Heavy renegade rows are one of the few all-in-one exercises that demand such a fine balance. When performed correctly they're a combination of back strength, core stability, anti-rotation, shoulder stability, lumbo pelvic control, and hip stability. Renegade rows eliminate the ability to use excessive momentum, rotation, and low back thrusting commonly witnessed in rowing movements.

Your Score

If you're unable to perform these with 80-90% of the load you typically use for the single-arm dumbbell row, or if you're unable to use a load equivalent to your body weight (a 200-pound individual would use 100-pound dumbbells), then you're likely lacking strength and function in the aforementioned areas. If you have to lower the load significantly from what you typically use for rows, then clean up your rowing technique and learn to control the weight.