To be an athlete, you must generate strength fast and be able to move your body through space. There are many tests, but the most practical is the vertical jump. The vertical jump requires a blend of relative strength, a baseline of absolute strength, and explosiveness. For most, 30 inches is an excellent benchmark.

How to Measure Your Vertical

If you don't have a Vertec device, just use some chalk and a wall. First, you'll need to draw a line on a wall with your arm extended over your head. Then, perform a vertical jump, reaching up with the chalk and marking the wall. Then measure the height of both marks. Height on jump minus height on reach equals your vertical jump.

Not There Yet?

Train your vertical jump twice per week. Perform 3-4 sets of 3-5 jumps before your heavy squats, deadlifts, or cleans. Additionally, do a session of un-weighted jumps like box jumps or squat jumps once a week.

Squat Jumps

Box Jumps

Then, add a weighted jump like a dumbbell squat jump, also once per week.

Dumbbell Squat Jump

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