Tip: Test Your Unilateral Leg Strength

These four challenges will test your lower body strength and give you a heck of a workout. Check 'em out.

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There are two types of people who think single-leg training is for wimps:

  1. Those who don't do it.
  2. Those who suck at it.

Neither should be entitled to an opinion on the matter, at least not a credible one.

Before you jump to conclusions about the efficacy of single-leg training, I challenge you to give it a real chance first so that you're not talking out of your ass. Make it a goal to eventually improve your single-leg performance and work up to these goals:

  1. Bulgarian split squats with a total load equal to your bodyweight (be it barbell, dumbbell, weighted vest, or some combination thereof) for 6-8 reps per leg using a full range of motion so the back knee touches a pad on the ground.
  2. Walking lunges with a total load equal to your bodyweight for 16 consecutive steps (that's 8 per leg) with good form.
  3. Unsupported skater squats using half your bodyweight for 6 reps per leg.
  4. Single-leg Romanian deadlifts with 75% of your bodyweight for 6-8 reps per leg.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Skater Squat

Some people who already have very strong legs will hit these numbers pretty quickly after they get used to the exercises, but it may take longer for others. I've had numerous high school athletes hit and surpass these numbers, so they're far from unrealistic.