This simple routine will ramp up your strength and muscle growth. It'll also build your work capacity while testing your metabolic manhood.

Trap Bar Deadlift & Carry

  1. Set up a trap bar with a minimum of 1.5 times your bodyweight. You can go heavier, but keep it on the lighter side the first time you try it. You'll be holding the bar for over a minute, so if you're not accustomed to carrying, it'll hurt.
  2. Start by doing 5-10 deadlifts depending on the weight you choose, then carry it 50 meters and knock out 5-10 more deadlifts.

Now, you could stop there. In fact, you probably should. But if you're looking for an even tougher challenge (and you have a sled handy), rest 15 seconds to partially recover and go right into a fast push.

Rest 2-3 minutes and repeat until you can no longer feel your hands or face.

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