Tip: Take This Grip Strength Test

If you can't pass this test, then either your grip strength sucks or you're too fat. Check it out.

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Absolute strength refers to the total amount of weight you can lift – your 1RM. Relative strength refers to your strength compared to your bodyweight. One of the easiest and most basic test of bodyweight relative strength is chin-up iso-hold.

Chin-Up Iso Hold

Chin-Up Iso Hold

Standard: Hang from a pull-up bar with your preferred grip (neutral, pronated, or supinated) and your hips slightly piked for 20 seconds.

Advanced version: Do it with only one arm at a time, again trying to hang for at least 20 seconds.

What If You Can't Do It?

Spend several weeks training chin-up hang cluster-sets. Begin with sets of four 5-second holds and progress to longer holds.