Tip: Take the Two-Squat Challenge

Two types of squat, 20 reps, a little pain, a lot of gain. Are you up for it? Check out this nasty leg workout.

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This is a new spin on the classic 20-rep squat method that combines front squats and back squats.

  1. Pick a weight that you think you can front squat for 8-10 reps.
  2. Start by doing as many front squats as you can before racking the bar briefly to get into position for back squats.
  3. Now it gets "fun." However many reps you got on the front squats, you must make up the remaining difference with back squats to hit 20 total reps. So if you got 8 reps on the front squats, you'd need to grind out 12 back squats. Or if you got 10 front squats, you'd have to do 10 back squats.

Squat Combo for 20 Reps

The weight will be less than what you'd use for a 20-rep back squat, but they're just as brutal and you'll feel them more in your quads without the agonizing lower back pump.

With heavy back squats, the lower back tends to be the limiting factor and the squats tend to deteriorate into more of a good morning. But when you've already smoked your legs with the front squats, it's easier to keep good form and you feel the squats more where you want to feel it and less where you don't.