Tip: Take the Plank and Push-up Challenge

It's time to shake up your workout. Challenge your friends (or enemies) and see who lasts the longest. Check it out.

The rules here are simple:

  1. To start, do one set of continuous, full-range push-ups to failure.
  2. Multiply that number of reps by 2.5.
  3. Now do push-ups with this new number as your target goal... without allowing the knees to touch the floor. You can "rest" in the top position between reps as needed, basically doing a push-up position plank or PUPP, but that's it.

So, if you can do 30 push-ups in one set, your goal is 75 push-ups (30 x 2.5). Only about ten athletes out of 100 can complete this test. Give it a shot.

Dan Blewett is the founder of sports performance facility Warbird Training Academy. Dan currently lives a dual life, spending half his year playing professional baseball, and the other half training the next generation.  Follow Dan Blewett on Facebook