Get 100 Reps or Die Trying

This benchmark is a true barometer of relative strength and muscular endurance. You'd be hard-pressed to find a lifter capable of doing 100 straight push-ups who's not lean, strong, and built like a tank.

But push-ups are more than a great upper body exercise; they also increase anterior core endurance. The 100 push-ups challenge will expose any chink in your armor. Notice sagging hips? You'll need to boost anterior core strength and endurance. Head diving forward? Time to improve thoracic mobility, shoulder health and posture.

How to Do It

We're not talking about your little sister's head-diving, half-twerking push-ups. Do the reps the way they need to be done. Each rep requires:

  • The elbows tucked at 45 degrees
  • Alignment from your cervical spine to your tailbone (a straight back)
  • Full reps: Chest to the ground at the bottom and a full lockout at the top

I Can't Get 100!

Fall short of 100 reps? Do this: Add two all-out sets of push-ups (with 90 seconds rest between) to the end of your workout. If you're failing to get at least 25 reps, make them easier by elevating your hands until you build sufficient strength and endurance.

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