Tip: Take Kettlebell Swings to the Next Level

These two advanced KB swing movements are challenging and effective. Check 'em out.

Most athletes will find themselves quickly running out of kettlebells as they start to get stronger with swings. Adding a band to this movement can add 30-70 pounds of resistance at the top while addressing the end range of hip extension.

Kettlebell Swings With Band Resistance

To add resistance, use a half-inch to one-inch band. Just loop it through the handle and then back through itself, then step on the end of the band with each foot and you're all set to swing. With extra band resistance you also won't have to go out and buy giant, novelty-sized kettlebells.

Kettlebell Spikes

What happens when you don't have any bands? Get a partner to help you perform the kettlebell "spike." At the top of each swing, have your friend mimic the action of a band and spike the kettlebell back toward the ground. This requires you to resist a tremendous eccentric force, so prepare to feel it in the hamstrings and glutes the next day.