Tip: Squeeze Press & Flye Combo

This complex starts with the squeeze press. Ideally, use hex dumbbells since you need to squeeze them together hard. Then move on to regular flyes.

If you don't have hex dumbbells, you can squeeze a foam pad or something similar between both dumbbells. The key during the squeeze press is to squeeze inward as hard as possible; this is more important than the weight used.

Lift them up slowly to maximize the squeeze. Then move on to regular flyes, getting a good stretch in the bottom position. Finish with high-position flyes in which you bring the dumbbells down above your shoulders and lift them back up above your chest.

  • 5-7 reps: Squeeze press
  • 5-7 reps: Dumbbell flye, regular
  • 5-7 reps: Flye, high
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