Tip: Sled Pull Complex 2

This conditioning finisher combines unilateral dumbbell movements with sled work. And yes, it'll get you shredded.

The dumbbell exercises in this complex are performed unilaterally. In other words, you'll use a single dumbbell and perform all reps holding the dumbbell in your left hand, and then perform the reps again with the dumbbell in your right hand.

Anytime you perform unilateral dumbbell exercises, it lights up your core muscles to maintain control (create stability) and offset the unbalanced load.

Start the dumbbell exercises using the same side hand each time.

  • Station 1: One-arm dumbbell uppercuts x 4-6 reps per arm.
  • Station 2: Reverse sled pull (facing the sled) x 1 lap (up and back between the cones) for 30-40 yards.
  • Station 3: One-arm dumbbell swings x 4-6 reps per arm.
  • Station 4: Forward sled pulls (facing away from the sled) for 30-40 yards.
  • Station 5: One-arm free-standing bent over rows x 6-8 reps per arm.
  • Station 6: Forward sled pulls for 30-40 yards.
  • Station 7: One-leg dumbbell Romanian deadlifts x 10-14 reps per arm.