Tip: Sandbag Complex

Sandbags are great training tools, especially when you put a series of exercises together into a complex (use one weight, no rest between exercises).

Adding in a rotational component to exercises makes the sandbag an awesome tool for athletes needing greater stability in all planes of motion. In the video my athlete is using an 80-pound bag and he's getting crushed by the end.

The cool thing about the sandbag is that it offers so many different options for holding it. While the barbell offers very little in the way of changing grips, with the sandbag we can shoulder it, hug it, cross-body hug it, and Zercher hold it. The possibilities are many, and each different grip or hold offers a different set of challenges.

Here's an example:

  • A Split Clean, 5 reps per side
  • B Rotational Lunge, 4 reps per side
  • C Push Press, 8 reps
  • D Zercher Good Morning, 8 reps
  • E Shouldered Get-Up, 2 reps per side