Tip: Ramp. Work. Rest-Pause.

Use this smart training method to increase tension for size and strength gains.

Rest-Pause Training (5 Reps then Rest Pause)

Rest-pause training is one of the most effective ways to constantly challenge your muscles with more tension to stimulate strength and size gains. Ultimately, this rep scheme requires that you work your way up to one final working set (your fourth set). Every other set is meant to prepare you for the set that "matters."

So let's say that your final set on a bench press is going to be 270 pounds. You'll lead up to that set by performing ramp-up sets:

Ramp-Up Sets

  • 205x5 reps: Rest 60-90 seconds
  • 220x5 reps: Rest 60-90 seconds
  • 250x5 reps: Rest 60-90 seconds

Work Set

  • 270x5 reps: Then rack the barbell and rest for 15-30 seconds, then do your...

Rest-Pause Sets

  • 1 rep of 270: Rack the weight again. Wait an additional 15-30 seconds and perform another single rep of 270. Repeat 3-5 times.

With every single rep you're increasing your daily workout load, forcing your muscles to adapt and respond to that increase. Using this example, you've essentially increased your training volume by 1,350 pounds.

Eric Bach is a highly sought-after strength and conditioning coach, located in Colorado. Eric specializes in helping athletes and online clients achieve optimal performance in the gym and on the playing field. Follow Eric Bach on Facebook