Tip: Push-Up Progressions

Go from zero to hero in six weeks with this progression model.

The Eccentric (Negative) Phase

Note: If you don't have powerlifting boards, just use anything that approximates the height.

  • Week One: 4 second drop to a 5-board
  • Week Two: 5 second drop to a 4-board
  • Week Three: 6 second drop to a 3-board

The Assistance Phase

  • Week Four: Band across the hip for assistance on the way up.

The Limited ROM Phase

  • Week Five: Push-ups to a 5-board
  • Week Six: Push-ups to a 4-board
  • Week Seven: Test your push-up max!

Each variation can be done for 4 to 5 sets of max reps (until failure). For the best results, perform each variation up to 3 times a week, each time trying to hit a new rep max.