Tip: Pump the Biceps for Growth

Can muscle pumps lead to hypertrophy? You bet they can. Try this for bigger biceps.

Advanced training techniques usually aren't that important for newbies, and you're selling yourself short by rushing into them. Don't get me wrong, there are advantages in their application, but understanding how to use them appropriately is what makes your body more responsive once you do add them in.

In the case of biceps, a few sets of good ol' barbell curls once or twice a week is generally enough volume since you're already working them indirectly every time you do a back exercise. But if you've been training for some time and your biceps are lagging, adding a novel stressor will get them bigger. Try this:

How to Do It

  1. Start with the incline curl. Your objective here is to hit the peak of your biceps. Set up on an adjustable bench with your elbows positioned slightly behind your torso. Most people make the mistake of bringing their elbows too far back. This puts your shoulders in a precarious position. And, if you have pre-existing shoulder issues, a steep incline can exacerbate it. Work within your capacity.
  2. Immediately follow that up with eccentric hammer curls. With a neutral grip, you'll mainly focus on the brachialis. And that's a good thing since this part of the bicep doesn't get nearly enough attention.
  3. Finish off with regular standing hammer curls. At this point, your arms will feel like noodles. So, it's perfectly fine to use a little momentum to eke out a few more reps.

The whole point of this is to drive hypertrophy, so there's no need to go heavy. Use this sequence once a week.