Tip: Prioritize for Maximum Results

Big strong guys do it. Small weak guys don't. Here's a hard lesson you may need to learn.

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The Best Way to Suck

The best way to get average results is to try and do everything at once. Successful lifters and athletes prioritize. They understand the concept of the "long game" under the bar.

Ask unsuccessful lifters about their goals. The list is longer than the menu at The Cheesecake Factory. "Well, I want to get rid of fat around X area. I also want to bench X amount and add X inches to my arms, and get huge all over, and do a show, and then a powerlifting meet..."

Six months later nothing has changed for these guys. No progress was made. No goals were achieved. They aren't any bigger, stronger, or leaner.

Do This Instead

Pick one goal and focus all of your energy on achieving it in a realistic timeframe. If you're trying to get shredded, then don't bitch when you see some strength drops here and there.

Are you trying to increase your bench press or get beach lean? Pick one. If you want to add a few inches to your arms, understand you'll still need to gain overall mass but you can prioritize arm training for a while. After all, you never see guys weighing 150 pounds with 20-inch pipes.

The Lesson

Stop trying to ride lots of horses with one ass. Do what the big guys do: Settle on one thing and go after that with everything you've got until it's achieved.